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Well, seeing as it hasn't snowed here in a long, long time (I would have been no older than about twelve or thirteen the last time), I think it's fairly notworthy that we've had snow here, twice in two days. Not much snow, and nor did it stay on the ground for long, given that it keeps raining straight after the snow. But still, there you go. Snow, half an hour from the beach, on the East coast of Australia.


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Well that is good, not much snow around our neck of the woods and with global warming they say there is only about 20 years left of snow fields in Australia. :-(


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Interesting observation on my trip to Michigan last week...without exception, every public place I visited -- the hotel, every restaurant, the spa, every corporate site, and every store -- all had very moderate, almost unperceiveable air conditioning.

Unlike New Jersey, where everywhere ranges from fridge to meat locker in temperature.


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Hot! Hot! Hot! Supposed to hit 98 maybe by Friday and break records once again! Second time this year and the really hot part of summer is not supposed to be until August and early September!


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Huh. My experience in these parts is that July's generally the hottest and the most likely to see 100+ indices...August is wettest...September ushers in the change.


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not really a defining characteristic...they were about to make their way into the house and wrap around our necks and put an end to all of us... ;)


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Wow, it's gonna be a steamer today. Just raced outside to get the garbage to the curb in time (yay...just!) At 8:30 its already approaching oppressive.

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