Therapeutic Qualities of Dancing

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I wanted to ask the gang here about their experiences with how dancing has affected their health and well being. I know for some, it may have been the opposite (such as an aerial gone awry), but I do believe and have experienced that dance is very healing in my own life.

For instance, I have some severely over developed muscles in my neck and shoulders that leaves me in almost constant pain. Since my bio-chemistry does not respond well to medications, I have steered clear of all pharmaceuticals for many years. Along the way, I've done, yoga, martial arts and complementary medicine to find a better way for me to deal with things.

I think back to some of those days when I'd get off work, my neck would be killing me, another horrible migrain..and on top of it I'd be exhausted. But then I'd find myself in dance class...and suddenly when that one good song came on, I'd connect with my partner even doing the most basic steps, and suddenly I'd feel like a new man. On the way home from class, I would be singing in my car and filled with happiness.

So I'd like to ask openly, does anyone care to share similiar experiences? Since taking up dancing I must say I feel like a much better person because of it, and the only thing I wonder is why it took me so long to finally get out on the floor. :)

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Dancing has helped me in the following way:

It's a fun way to remain fit in mind and body -- I think I remember a quote from Edie the Salsa freak, something to the effect that "Life is relationships". I would say that "partnered dancing is relationships".

I could continue elaborating on this thought, but I think that those two sentences succintly describe how dancing has been beneficial in a way that nothing else can.
Dancing has not changed who I am but let who I am come out. I can't think of anything that does that quite like dance. Other art forms do too yet in different ways and in ways that dance cannot replace. Dance has helped me greatly with my confidence. I must say that I handle social situations (even when awkward) in a much better way. Some of my favorite people are those I met while out dancing. I am quite greatful for what dance has done for me and my life. It is also a grreat coping mechanism (everyone needs one... especially in grad school)

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