These are a few of our favorite things...

Pretty much the same really. I'm into everything.

I like my Rock, Punk, Pop, Classical, RnB. But their are the odd songs that really do annoy me. Like... :? Oh i know! The Cheeky Girls...Pure crap if you ask me.

DANCE (duh!) - lindy, salsa, merengue, WCS
Most music
Eating out
Caramel Macchiato & Caramel Frappuccino (Starbucks)
The early seasons of "Cheers" (the ones with Shelley Long)
Tex-Mex food (especially chips & queso/salsa/guacamole)


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thought it was time to resurrect this thread:

just for starters...

lilacs, peonies, hyacinths, tulips, weeping willows, black clothing, skorts, scoop neck thin t-shirts, shoes that slip on, riding boots, most states in the desert southwest and pacific northwest, john stewart and rachel maddow, margaritas, spicy food, gardening, dancing (obviously), and singing, friends who aren't passive aggressive, unsweet tea, audis and cadillacs, hot sauce, frank lloyd wright, renior, mozart, most animals, exercise, pottery, georgia o keefe, james taylor, ghandi, fires outside under the stars.....obviously, my grandson (who is the most perfect human being in the world) and the rest of my family :)...stained glass, a good massage, bengay, vicks,


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Black dresses, a perfect black pant, beach, red wine, summer, cooking with friends, chick flicks, serious movies but no violence or I can't watch, any movie with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Anderson cooper and Rachel Maddow, a great coaching session, 5 inch sandals, blue nail polish, raspberry cheesecake, a great steak, a burger, pasta,glitter eye shadow for comp, oak trees, haunted houses, plantations, yoga, running, dance, a girls night out, Christmas, London, a winter storm


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chunky semi precious jewelry, sitting in a fishing boat on a lake (presence of fish is irrelevant to me)....Purdue, Northwestern, Portland, Santa Fe, DC, Montreal, Toronto, cruises, Old San Juan, Saint Maarten, Costa Rica, Curacao, Bonaire, dubuque, Ann Arbor, Port Clinton, Lawrence O' Donnell, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, red raspberries, green olives, jalapeno poppers, nashville hot chicken, anything involving a potato, Mid's meat sauce, allergy meds (without which I would surely be dead) bands (because they keep me from getting sweat in my ears/vertigo...ear plugs (because people are loud in hotel rooms) service, eggs in small plastic bottles(just in case)...bacon, miracle whip, A1


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Sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh raspberries, garlic stuffed green olives, all black clothing, my family, my kitties, my extraordinary veggie garden, all of the cancelled show "Leverage", Bethany Frankel, Captain Paul Watson, my dear little putt-putt car which keeps running and running, the ceiling fan above my sofa which keeps me cool enough to get some sleep in the summer, the window in front of my kitchen sink in the spring/summer (the breeze is intoxicating), special time with dance friends, the greenness of the Pacific Northwest, my Seahawks, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, dinner of broccoli and red potatoes, vodka, the general peacefulness of my property, cauliflower and its many uses, one or two of my coworkers, low fat mayonnaise-cottage cheese-sour cream, cheese, coconut coffee, ANY time away from work, most music (not all).....all animals.....and of!
Dance! (duh, and no I have no shame for repeating it again here)
Having work to do. I legitimately love what I do, and I only get to do it when someone needs my help, so whenever I have work I feel over the moon.
Snuggling with my husband.
Snuggling with my dog.
Food. Glorious food.

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