They are just cute !

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Hello Rainbow. I am going to jump to assume you are the "Rainbow" that sells costumes on ebay...
Welcome to Dance-Forums. I do hope that you will join all of our discussions in addition to displaying your dresses.
Hi Larinda,
Nice to meet you, Yes, I am Rainbow that sells on e-bay ... Yes, I would love to join the discussion with all of you, if anyone feels like to ask me any questions, I am happy to discuss it with them. I have been reading this forum for a while and I just couldn't resist to show the cute pics of these wonderful kids, this is why I chose to put it up here ... I hope I have picked the right locations for it.

Rainbow ^_^
Hi Rainbow!
I have bought dresses from you, too!
actually, one of my newest dress is still on its way!
I have to say that those dresses are just great!
Welcome to DF.
Hi chiwenl & Pygmalion,
Just got back from the competition, we have managed to get 3rd place in the Open-C Amateur Ballroom (Waltz,Tango) and 3rd place in the Open-C Amateur Ballroom (Waltz, Tango, QS) ... Didn't do good on the Tango, maybe we will find some way of improving it ... Hi, Pygmalion, nice to meet you too.

Rainbow ^_^


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I liked the look of the orange dress, but frankly wasn't thrilled with the other one, although the style might look more appropriate on someone older.

Hope that last comment doesn't stir up a hornets nest. (DP cringes and runs away just in case.)

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