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searched a few pages on Google but could not find anything that would be genuine...anyone have a dance DVD that might show an example I would certainly like to see the difference.

Warren J. Dew

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I have it on an old video but it is edge on - that wouldn't be very useful.

And, I realized that there's yet another X line, where both partners are on their left feet and the lines run from head to toe of each person.
Great example, pruthe! Does anyone have a good pic of an x-line so we can see the difference?
The X-line is an "old" international standard step. I guess, you need to of a certain age, be trained by the "old" greats or have an interest for the history to know the X-line. It is not danced very often any more. I have never seen any couples in the US dance the X-Line.

I have been looking for my written exam's papers as I wrote about lines and positions. I know that I did a drawing of the X-Line in my final essay. I have not been able to find the box, where those papers are in, as of yet. It was many years ago, so it might take a little time.

The picture that pruthe came up with is a great example of a Throwaway Oversway.

According to my teacher the X-Line can be done both in Promenade and in Counter Promenade.

X-Line in Promenade: The couple are in Promenade Position (1/4 difference between the hips and the feet of the man and lady). The man has all of his weight on the RF pointing the LF to the side (straight leg). The Lady has all of her weight on the LF pointing the RF to the side (straight leg).

X-Line in Counter Promenade: The couple are in Counter Promenade Position. The man has all his weight on the LF and the RF is pointing to the side (straight leg). The lady has all of her weight on the RF and the LF is pointing to the side (straight leg).

The picture that QPO came up with does look more like a X-Line in CPP then a Throwaway Oversway.....or let me say it like is not the best Throwaway Oversway in the world. What Andrew and Lorraine is doing, is much, much better. I would so far as to say "world class";)

My last Amateur partner and I had one. Unfortunately we only danced in about three competitions before he retired to go work on his PhD. I still miss him.
I am sorry I missed the 3 times you danced the X-Line:(. I am not able to make it to every competition in the US. There are just about one every weekend and sometimes 2 or more on the same weekend. Maybe you have a picture of you in the X-Line that you can post???

I can't edit the post I made earlier but I just want to say that I am commenting on the picture I attached not the Sinkinson picture.

How do you embed pictures as opposed to attaching them?
Maybe they are dancing the X-Line this weekend in SF at the comp there. Maybe somebody can ask a DF'er to take a photo of them doing the X-Line, if the still do the line in their show.

I would ask my daughter to take a photo but I'm guessing they don't allow photos.
I have video of throwaway ovesway being done wrong, if anyone wants. ;)

well, I'm donig it wrong, don't think pro is.
I have both video's and picture of my partner and I doing baaddd lines. I actually used to have all the pictures of bad positions on the wall in the upstairs hallway. I had a sign hanging just above as you entered the hallway, were it said "Hall of Shame". ;)

dance pro - I asked my pro about the X line the other day, he showed it to me and described it as stopping half through a bombshell... If we add it to our routine will you come to canada to see it :)


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Dancepro, I don't go quite that far, but definitely keep both good and bad videos and pcitures around so I can see both. I want to know when I'm doing something right, but also when I'm doing it wrong, so I can fix it. Like showcase with that throwaway, I know that while I did alright showcase/performance wise, lacking in actual tango technique. So been doing a LOT of workign going through every measure of that showcase, step tby step, to try to improve it.
Nope, no pictures...and we were pretty...let's just say 'unskilled' or very it wouldn't have been a very good one anyway (unless you wanted it for the Hall of Shame)!
I use to go to bed laughing as the last thing I would see was the baaddd picture of my partner and I in our worst positions. I was thinking of starting a new "hall of shame" in the studio. I like laughing at myself doing silly things, but maybe my sense of humor is a little strange, so I am not sure it would be a good idea.



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Heh, I like to be reminded of my mistakes, at least at times. :) Just had annual review at work today, and boss asked, kind of hesittantly, whether I wnated to know from other managers when they had a problem iwith interactions with me. Jumped on that though, as of course I do. Can't improve unless you not only know when you make mistakes, but actually embrace it. Have to accpet you're doing something wrong before you can improve it.

Well, that's how it works for me anyway.

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