Tipping ($$) your dance instructor?

Well, if I can take that seriously (because there is a serious element) it depends really on you - how much you dare act as a customer and not an acolyte... the difference is recognizing that you really do have a fee-for-service. Of course, if you are going to a 'top teacher' and they are sold out then it becomes a sellers market and s/he can do as s/he likes - but they run the danger of loosing students in the long term if and when a new 'top teacher' comes along.


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Do you tip your dental hygenist? A shop clerk? Or the umpteen other people who provide you service as part of their jobs? How do you indicate good or bad service there? Its the same in europe - you either say something or you don't go back (or both).
I was simply attempting to discern the difference between the way wait staff are compensated between the US and Europe. Your dental hygenist in the US and shop clerk are paid a wage that is at least the minimum wage. Wait staff are only obligated to be paid $2.13 per hour in the US.


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Not sure if it's 2.13, but wait staff definitely makes less than minimum wage. Because of fact tips are expected in our society.
Ah, in which case please ignore what I wrote :roll: As mentioned by others, waiters get a working wage in Europe - indeed really here that its a bit odd: A company hires staff but expect its customers to pay them on top of paying for the product. The question really is why are restaurants so different?
It wasn't a paying issue at all SK - but a time one. I was jealous of the post-comp time that I could spend alone with pro that now I had to share...
Didn't take it that way---just talking about my situation. Any chance to take him out for coffee before or after your first lesson after the comp.?
Its an idea, but its not the same as doing it there. Looks like there may be only two students going to the next one - and the other one is more private so it won't be an issue. I'll find some way round - probably by going off-site (the comp hotel) and thereby whisking him away :)


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Well, if I can take that seriously (because there is a serious element) it depends really on you
*grin* wasn't really being serious...it always depends on the specific situation and the teacher and students.

I just happen to be in a situation currently with teachers with many demands on their time and big student bases.

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