Tips please

I'm not flexible.
I'm not that strong.
My arches need to improve.
The big problem is I can't afford ballet classes and even if I could I'm terrified because of the reasons listed above. Does anyone have any tips that can help me even a little bit?


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you can find both yoga stretches and ballet moves for things like flexibility and strengthening of feet and arches can also find fairly cheap classes in many areas if you commit to cutting a few other small expenses


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Hi Bunhead, nothing comes from nothing. There are several dance continents to discover besides ballet. You have to start first, whatever style it may be, and better don´t set that bar that high. Also contact impro or modern dance will work for now.


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I'm not flexible or strong either. I joined an inexpensive local gym and do some weight machines.. just 3 sets of 12 reps per body part, twice a week and then got Rodney Yee's beginning yoga DVD to work on flexibility. Start small.. work up to what you can... the internet and amazon have lots of great exercise/yoga/dance videos. I don't have time to try to train in ballet as I dance ballroom... I think ballet helps if you already have it as a background, but I did not want to add another dance style, but there are also some simple ballet dvds to use for fitness that you can also purchase through amazon.


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I like the New York City Ballet Company workout DVDs for non-ballroom cross-training. It markets itself as a full up fitness DVD, and there is a decent fitness element, but as it's all ballet exercises, it is also working heavily on flexibility, strength, and balance.

Yoga is also a great and wonderful thing, either DVDs or a group class. Definitely helps with flexibility, but don't underestimate the strength side, too.
You can find only many useful links, to help you improve and increase your flexibility. You can find classical musics online and practice your create your own exercises. But it takes a long effort to increase flexibility especially when you are adult, but nothing is impossible. I suggest that you start searching for yoga, Pilates or ballet online exercises.Using thera-band will help you a long, but in order to get more flexible you don't need especially studio or any equipment.

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