Torso Technique

What you want to make sure is that you ARE NOT actually separating what happens on top from what happens need to dance the whole body! What Toni meant was probably that you were not using back compression/rotation to finish your actions.

I think of it like this:
1. Leg action - shoot your leg out and get on it straight
2. Hip action - swing you hip into hipbone of the leg you are moving to.
3 Body action - connect your back! You have to feel a compression and then rotate that back in order for you to move into the next step... without this last step your movement from one foot to the other will feel "manufactured", instead of "seamless/fluid/connected"...
All of the action in Latin happens from a back action at the end of the day.

You will need a teacher to show you how to connect your back so you can get the feeling for it though...
Hope this helps.

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