Type your username with your nose

Here is the deal. Try type your name with your nose. Yeah your NOSE. Don't cheat. Use your nose only and don't backspace if you misspelled your name incorrectly. It's okay. Afterways, you might want to use a large font, so it is more visible. Here is my attempt at typing DanceMentor with my nose. :)



Staff member
1st try: wewsaqloswaqgtuy76 :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

2nd try (once I realized where the pressure was actually hitting the keyboard): sdsalsaguy :D :D :D :D

DM... where in G-D's name do you come up with these???? :eyebrow:
wst5aqndeaq4ed bdaqnjce3r4

i think i started getting cross-eyed somewhere in the middle of that ... :roll: :lol:

gotta say that is a pretty weird request, but kinda fun and silly :lol:

(I swear to you that that is my honest first attempt! I'm not writing the words in brackets with my nose, but I did use it to type my name above! Mind you, I have a short name, and I wear reding glasses for very close work, so maybe that helped...

I am leaving the typo "reding" in above, so that you can see that I'm actually better at typing with my nose than with my fingers... :? )

Rosa :wink:
Larinda McRaven said:
I would love to try, but right now I am in a room with a bunch of Brits... and I don't think they would get the humor. :lol:
You never know... I did it. And I thought it was fun! 8) :lol:

Rosa :)
pygmalion said:
I have a fat nose, so I'd better wait and try it when I've had a couple glasses of wine. :roll: :lol:
That's a good point... must admit my nose is fairly slim and more-or-less straight... some people say it turns up a little at the tip but I'm not sure about that! :evil: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Rosa :)

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