Type your username with your nose


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Purr said:

That's supposed to be Purr. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. :oops:
Hmmm, looks like you're haviung the same problem I did opn my first try... the pressure to the keys is coming out above your intended point. As soon as I corrected for that I got mine fine... maybe try again? :wink:


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Larinda McRaven said:
I would love to try, but right now I am in a room with a bunch of Brits... and I don't think they would get the humor. :lol:
Now *that* would be worth seeing!!! (Especially given the length of your name!) :lol: :lol: :lol:
I have had mice exploring my keyboard (yeah the living, breathing kind) and a ferret or two track in and around my computer (good for cleaning out the dust behind it). So there is no way I am getting my face that close to the keys.
:shock: :shock: eh....even though i'm a sucker for challenge, i really don't think this is my kind of game.....

:nope: :nope: :nope: :car:


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I really don't know if I should try this at work...

Oh what the hell...


Okay, I did it. I am now properly embarassed. I hope you are all proud of yourselves. :oops:

(And I just got a new keyboard this week...)

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