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chandra said:
I beleive ayuh is an affirmation of sorts. Im trying to think of another word that is equivalent, but I cant really.

I was in a play once- "Our Town" and we had to say "Ayuh" constantly. You have just gotta hear the tone of voice its said with to really get it.

Interestingly Ayuh is also a sanksrit word meaninglife, life span, or health.
(My HS second language is sanskrit)

Google agrees with me on the meaning of ayuh. It adds that it generally replaces Yes or Yeah, the stress is on the second sillable, and is sometimes pronounced while exhaling inbetween sentences. It is used both in Maine and DownEast.
Many thanks for the explanation ... but you're right, I still can't picture it really ... hopefully I'll overhear it being said sometime soon and will finally get it. :D
ooh, one thing I forgot, about the sanskrit word. Although the spelling (in transliteration) is the same it is pronounced differently. It is prononced

eye uh instead of

ay uh
Standard Dancer said:
lynn said:
DancePoet said:
Ayuh. Where's the next challenge?
blindfold :lol: :lol: ??
i keep seeing "Ayuh" turn up in DF but have no clue what it signifies ... can someone explain? guess I'm just too much of a newbie at this ... :roll: :lol:
I always associate Ayuh with an old weather beaten Maine lobsterman sitting by his boat talking with a townie and being as uncommunicative as he can without being impolite. :lol: I'm sure I must have seen this in movies because I have never been to Maine. Maybe in Carousel?
stiletto one

haha I rock!

It helps to do it with one eye shut, and to wait until you've placed your nose before pressing your head down.


I'll note that "ayuh" (more like "ayah") in Chinese is a weak form of WTF or "bah" or other things you say when something retarded/irritating happens.

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