Type your username with your nose


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Okay, I get a laugh every time this thread shows up in my "recent posts" list.

I sooo totally refuse to try this with my multi-key spanning nose. But more power to you guys that risk major embarrassment at home or office with your nose to the keyboard! *grin*
You could try taping a marble or some kind of eraser tip to your nose with a band-aid, and THEN try it ;) Just make sure you're alone.

And come on.. this isn't dancing. the worse you do, the better!


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sigh of relief...thank goodness LG, I though you had gone over to the goofy side and actually tried this...must say...I am way too un-fun to even think about it...well okay, I thought about it...but...uh...no


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I'm not going to my do nose typing until my wife leaves the room! I might have to sneek out while she is sleeping!!!
I gotta' tell ya', I'd be seriously questioning my sanity if I was contemplating covert nose typing....

Kidding CSD....us seriously un-fun types will be waiting to see the attempt. *grin*

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