USDC 2012... who's going?


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thanks TD...the dancing went very well the entire week...I felt it was my best comp ever and most consistent over 5 days... didn't always translate to results but...oh well ..third in the 10 dance A, and finalist in three other events...had a great time


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looks great SDsalsaguy! :)
Thanks TD -- and congrats on your results!

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As an aside, someone on FB has intimated that he could sell a competitor one of my images. Just for the record, I have not been approached -- let alone agreed -- to any such thing, and this would be in blatant violation of US copyright law. While I am not trying to market any of my photos, I am happy to sell them if anyone is interested. If you see anyone but me offering to sell any of my images please let me know ASAP as this is a significant legal matter. Thanks.

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Images from USDC

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and took full advantage of seeing some of the best dancers in the world in my backyard. This is my first post, although I've frequented this site since I started dancing 5 years ago.


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