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Yep, although I think there is a "Rising Star" Pro/Am event, too. But I could be confused, I've looked at so many competition web sites lately.


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there are the open scholarships and "senior champsionships", which look like 3-dance events. i don't see any RS at this particular comp.


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Oh, I know what I was thinking...there are US National Pro/Am Championships, and also US Open to the World Pro/Am Championships. I knew there were two sets of events at this competition.


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Yep, although I think there is a "Rising Star" Pro/Am event, too. But I could be confused, I've looked at so many competition web sites lately.
I think you are correct Laura. There are Open to the World Pro/Am Rising Star events on Saturday of the comp (according to the schedule on the site).
I am planning to compete there. As for the name changes, you are right, from USBC to the unwieldy USDSC and now they are United States Dance Championship. Good thing they don't have expensive stationary and business cards! I still wish it were in the Miami area, I am not happy about going to Orlando. However, I am thrilled at how great this year's contests are playing out. The atmosphere in the ballroom should be electric, not that I expect any surprises in National Latin or National Standard, but in Rhythm and Smooth, oh boy! Anything is possible.
Smooth - I honestly don't know. I hope there's a big shakeup, even though I think it's unlikely just because Things Aren't Done That Way.

Latin - In the US championship, Andrey and Elena will win. In the Open-to-the-Worlds, Max and Yulia will place ahead of them. (I don't know if any international couples will be attending, so I can't predict the overall results.) I hope that Boriana and Delyan can move up a notch or two - they've been dancing very very very well, improving in the way that only those hungry for a better slot can. The quality of movement there, musicality, physical conditioning, connection - it's outstanding.

In Latin RS, I don't know. The top 2 couples from two years ago, (1) Christian Baerens and Kristina Stakova, and (2) Jose with Cheryl Burke, are no more. Kristina has a new partner but I dont' know if they'd deign to do RS. Last year's RS second-place finishers were Lydia Petrigova and Alexander Senko.

I don't expect to see Pasha and Anya there - am I wrong about that? - so that would open up a slot in the US finals. I hope Anna Trebunskaya can make a good showing with her new partner.

Rhythm - I think Jose and Joanna will win. Nobody can touch them right now. If Tony and Elena actually appear, which I doubt (public pronouncements to the contrary aside) they'll be second. Third will be tough - I doubt Felipe and Carolina can best Emmanuel and Julia, but there's a lot of disapproval about the Emmanuel/Julia partnership (a prominent judge put them as SIXTH across the board in the Manhattan final - can you imagine?) Perhaps the judges will want to make a statement by picking a new golden couple and putting them ahead of Emmanuel/Julia *and* Felipe/Carolina, as a way of saying, "That's enough, y'all. Time for new blood." The problem is, I don't know who that would be. The next finalists aren't that impressive, and Danielle Wilson is held back by the disapproval over her partner.

Mambo - Jose and Joanna, not even a contest. I suspect there will be a strong winner, a couple of middling performances by top rhythm couples for whom mambo is not their specialty, and then a small burbling mass of very mediocre couples, as in the past couple of years. There is a big crop of rising-star level rhythm couples right now, dancers who could turn pro early because of the dearth of talent in Rhythm, and I have no idea who will rise to the top of the RS field.

Standard - not expecting any surprises.
dance 234, I see you are very knowledgeable and I like your reasoning. I agree with everything you say, except for Smooth. I do expect a shakeup, in the sense that I don't think Mazen and Irina will "inherit" the title. I think it could go to them, or Valentina/ Eddie (even though I have not even seen them) or, more to my liking, to JT and Thomas (who beat both couples recently), or Maria and Hunter OR... maybe Michelle and Kostadin, but they haven't even started! wish they would hurry up!
So what you're saying is that it would be something of an upset if Mazen and Irina did not inherit the title, correct?
Well they were right behind Maria and Hunter (who took time off while she had her baby) and Valentina and David, who do not dance together anymore, so they probably feel they have a great shot. I think there is no way to predict right now who will wind up where and I find that very exciting. I was thrilled to hear how positive you are about Jose and Joanna because I would be besides myself with joy if they won. I think Jose Decamps is one of our country's greatest gifts, and I have been waiting and waiting for him to find the right combination and be recognized for the artist he is.
The predictability of the Pro Standard division is stultifying, even if the dancing isn't.


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Well, what I'd *like* to see in latin is Delyan and Boreana and Vaidas and Jurga place 3rd and 4th. I don't really care which of the top two lands in #1 and #2 (although it's getting old).


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Given the - recent - changes at the top of Smooth and Rhythm, the run-up to US Dance Championships could be interesting . . .
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