USDC - U.S. Dance Championships

I am not going, but was hoping to see what's on that website. Am I the only one getting a blank page trying to access this website?
Swan - the dress in your avatar is absolutely gorgeous, by the way. Do you have any bigger pictures?
ya, they're in in the Gowns album. I'm waiting for the ordered photos to come so that I can scan in the action photos to have better resolution. But the still shots of the gowns on the dummy should be good, as that's full resolution. You can double click to see the larger image, but it seems to take a while (dunno why...) I also have the Ad for the gown sale in the Events & Announcement section of DF.
dance 234, I see you are very knowledgeable and I like your reasoning. I agree with everything you say, except for Smooth. I do expect a shakeup, in the sense that I don't think Mazen and Irina will "inherit" the title. I think it could go to them, or Valentina/ Eddie (even though I have not even seen them) or, more to my liking, to JT and Thomas (who beat both couples recently), or Maria and Hunter OR... maybe Michelle and Kostadin, but they haven't even started! wish they would hurry up!
No chance of Steve and Eulia???


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Any one getting ready for this comp? I have never been to anything this size before. Starting to get alittle nervous about the whole thing.

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