Variety of Latin Dresses for Sale


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Hi all,

I have lots of latin dresses for sale. I will post a few for now, but feel free to PM me with your size if you are looking for something different from these and i will see what i have. :)

PM me for more info if you are interested in any of these dresses.

I may keep this as a running thread so feel free to check back every now and then to see new dresses for sale.


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Purple Dress w/ Heavy Stoning

This dress is great on the floor. The AB stones on the front make a huge impact on the floor, and there are heliotrope stones scattered throughout the dress. The fringe skirt is a full skirt and moves a lot!

Can fit 0-8 depending on the size of the hips & chest

Price: $1400



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I think I saw the brown one on the floor on a youth competitor.. very nice dress. I LOVED the first two.

Disclaimer: I do not dance latin anymore... just voicing my appreciation for the pretty and the sparkly :)

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