Viennese Waltz Songs


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What about the Dance With Me one? I have NO idea who does it, and can't find it anywhere, but here are the lyrics:

When day is gone
and night comes on
until the dark
what do I do

I grasp your hand
and wander through slumberland
dream dancing with you

we dance between
the sky so blue,
and fields of green
sparkling with dew

it's just sublime
whenever I spend my time

dreamdancing with you
Found it

It is a Cole Porter song called Dream Dancing. Typically sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Doesnt sound like a V.Waltz though... I will have to see if there is another performance of it.
Songs for Viennese Waltz

Here are some that I have not seen mentioned in this thread:

So Far Away-Staind
Turning-Suzanne Ciani
The Killing Moon-Nouvelle Vague
That's Amore-Dean Martin

and at our studio's Christmas dance, The Carol Of The Bells made for a great (but kind of fast) Viennese Waltz. I just hung on and tried not to hit anybody!;)
Opendoor- :confused:I'm not sure what you mean, but we dance Viennese waltz to the Staind song So Far Away all the time at our studio. If you think you can't dance to it, then don't... but I sure will. Of V-waltz songs it's on the slow side.

One more to add to the list here is Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.:rocker:

My wife and I went on a cruise and we danced V-waltz to Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen (while in Copenhagen... how cool is that!), Mr Bojangles, and My Favorite Things from The Sound Of Music.

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