Wedding Gift Ideas for couples age 35+

Larinda McRaven

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I can say that less than 1/4 of the gifts we have received were even from our registry. Most of the gifts were items that have we have personal stories attached to, very few were average kitchen or household items or towels. And as for cash, people seem to be real fond of giving Visa Cash Cards.


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That's the up and down side of getting married when you're ... ahem ... older. BTDT. My guests were older too, and couldn't care less about what was on my registry. They apparently said stuff like "Myeh. Let everybody else buy something from the registry. I KNOW she'll love a stuffed raccoon." (Or something equally strange.) :lol: And then, of course, they were on target and were strange in just the way I am. Too funny.

Thank goodness for Mom and sisters and Visa gift cards. Just sayin.

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