What a Wonderful World


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Can anyone recommend a version of "What a Wonderful World," most famously by Louis Armstrong, that has a good tempo for beginners? I'm hoping for rumba or slow waltz, but I'll take anything.
Maybe a musician could chime in here [:smile:] to correct me if I'm off base. But I don't think it is "tempo" that determines if music is best for waltz or rumba; it is the pattern of beats and stresses or rhythm. I think the music that OP refers to is usually played in 6/8-time -- which can sometimes be danced as if it were 3/4-time (especially if the stress is on the 1st and 4th beat). The result would usually be a Viennese waltz, not a slow waltz.

These ballads are sometimes performed in a way that sounds like the music might be 4/4-time (like the Willie Nelson version) but I can't see a rumba here -- maybe bolero at about 80 beats per minute (or some kind of slow or night club dance).

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