What are you excited about in your dancing right now?


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as to excitement...guess I haven't been excited in a while so it is about time; excited to be dancing, rather than pounding the hell out of my choreography...looking forward to more and more of what that means as it was the reason I started dancing to begin with...I am very very glad that I have and will continue to get very solid technical instruction, but I do think it is time to pick this element back up from where I left it behind and begin to feel it again


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Excited about possibly doing 2 numbers in our upcoming showcase. I won't get to compete this year so I need something to keep my lessons motivated and on track. Plus, I'm thinking I'll do a quickstep for one of them, super excited about that :)


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Going to start leading- I have my first lesson today and first comp in two weeks!!! Plus, I"m leading a girl who has the same name is me... double trouble!


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I'm actually excited about not competing until next year. This is the first period of time since I've started that there has not been a comp in the horizon,and it feels good to take lessons and practice and focus just on dancing, not on an upcoming competition.
My coach has had no criticism and a lot of compliments about my dancing this semester. Apparently I've been getting a lot of back and latin action in all the right places. When I asked about competing up a level at upcoming comps, he told me that I was definitely ready for it. Yay! :)


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Finally over the post-comp burnout from last weekend. Started samba rolls in my lesson this week... something I've been looking forwards to since the beginning!!!
I'm discovering more fully the role that posture plays in terms of being able to execute movements. I'm seeing that as your body becomes more aligned, the movements look and feel more natural

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