What are you excited about in your dancing right now?

This past week and a half or so hasn't been particularly exciting because my partner has been quite sick so we haven't been able to practice-- yesterday was somewhat exciting for me at least though. We tried to practice for the first time since he got sick but he was just still too sick to do anything, but while we were sitting there trying to at least productively discuss ballroom dance our team's President came down to practice with his partner so I asked him to lead me through our mambo routine just so I could get a feel for it because I had never done it with a partner and had learned the routine from a video (it had been what my partner and I had been planning on doing anyway if he had been well enough to dance since we haven't done anything with it and need to compete it 2 weeks from today). The first exciting part was how quickly it came together, my partner was watching and he kept saying things like "You look good!" "You've been practicing this, I can tell." and "I didn't expect you to know this already!" Afterwards our President also showed me (in a very different vein) how to get into shadow position in Viennese Waltz. He starts off saying how hard it is and how he had some difficulty getting his partners doing it correctly, and after he leads me through it he ends up saying how it wasn't bad-- and my partner perks right up saying "We've been working so hard to push her up to Silver, she dances most of the routines just as well as any Silver follower on the team now though." It's my first semester dancing Silver and our first semester dancing together so he really put a ton of work into me, like at the beginning of the semester I knew nothing about Silver and he just put in probably 6-8 hours a week that were not always particularly productive because it was a lot of just getting basic routines down. Now we're doing (when he's not sick) 10-12 very productive hours a week at the very least and I thought it was really exciting to see that my partner is so proud of how far I've come, since he doesn't show that sort of thing very often.

On a side note, when he is not ill, my partner and I are particularly excited about our American Foxtrot-- we just love how Smooth it is. Actually we're generally excited about our S/S because both of us feel like it's better than we've ever danced it before-- and we're also very excited about American Rumba, both Chachas and I'm excited about our Swing routine even if swing is not my partner's favorite dance.
My partner and I had some R&R after our last comp. Our first practice yesterday left me riding a dance high all evening :) We're getting creative for our next comp, starting with fresh ideas for our choreo, no more making our old programme work/functional, time for art and beauty! :D

On a different note, only 3-5 more practices together before she goes away on Easter break. Four weeks of solo practice for both of us. On the plus side, if I stick to practising, my technique could be nice and solid for when she gets back... I think I miss her already, hehe!
My Viennese Waltz. I learned Viennese Waltz right before I started competing last year (my old partner taught me the majority) so I technically have know all the footwork for a while. But for that long I have felt like something was wrong, like I was going through the motions, but it wasn't connecting. Amazingly though last night I think I finally got it. My coach was able to explain how the rotation translates to the movement. I actually feel like I'm V. Waltzing now. I love it!
My partner and I are preparing for a showcase, we have a very emotional piece about a young girl who is diagnosed with cancer, she falls in love and he brings her to dance which allows her to be unafraid for once. Im very close to this role and I'm excited to do this.


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I have been dancing for 3 years and although my studio teaches Hustle I have never learned very much of it. Only because we are having a small competitiion next week in which Hustle is a bonus dance have I been practicing a little bit and am learnig to just use some swing moves with the Hustle footwork. Well tonight the studio had a dance party and for one of the Hustles I danced with one of our instructors. It went very well, all of the steps came out and she was able to follow all of my leads. When I dance with Ladies it is my goal to make sure they enjoy the dance as was my goal with dancing with the instructor tonight. Towards the end of the dance she let out an expletive that let me know I had acheived that goal. It was a word that let me know she was quite amazed and the look on her face suggested she is not used to Hustleing like that. I've always known her to be such a sweet girl and didn't even know she knew how to cuss - so with this experience tonight it made me feel really good and gave an intant boost in my confidence to Hustle.
I'm doing my Silver Modern medal tomorrow night. Super excited that I will be able to dance gold steps now, but super nervous to be dancing against gold level students at our school comps as most of them have been dancing at least 3 years more than me. Fingers and toes crossed it goes well!


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been enjoying an advanced group class at a local studio...it has been a good way for me to learn some new patterns and dance with other leads while still trying to retain the technique that I have acquired...I am finding it to be a nice low stress opportunity to see how much of my overall proficiency remains when the patterns I know and my pro are not around


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I went costume-shopping today at the local ballet shop. Things that I learned--long tutus looked okay, would not work because I'd probably shred the thing getting off the floor (I start on the floor). "Russian" tutu, would LOOK perfect, except a good chunk of this is smooth Viennese and in closed hold, so the fact it sticks out at least a foot is a problem. Ultimately: have a new black longsleeve leo, a Watercolors wrap skirt with a very cool black-bleeding-to-a-goldish-yellow, black fishnets. Will be tarting up the top and there will be wristlets with 'puppet-string' ribbons (I'm going for ribbons over string because floatier material=less likely to accidentally choke NP.) Now, shoe issue--ballet lady and I briefly toyed with the idea of toe shoes magic-markered black, but first we'd have to do a lot of destruction of the shank to give me more bend, plus realized that on a ballroom floor, without being able to use rosin, I'd probably break my ankle slipping. Not worth it for a cool look plus a few tricks that would look way better en pointe. (Yes, i can get up there and stay there, and do baby things, but again..not worth it here. Even though it would look PERFECT to be able to do some of the less...human things you can do up there.) Jazz shoes just didn't quite have the look. So I have black ballet slippers again, which I need to sew elastics on, with the other option being I can either go to town with the marker/shoe polish on my smooth shoes (I have an even harder time finding tolerable closed-toes so dyeing what I've got would be simpler than finding a black pair that fit) or just cover with a lot of ribbon (either way I'm thinking satin ribbon "laces" as on toe shoes, to match the ones on my wrists and keep up the 'dancer-doll' look.)

And wow, does "expensive" in ballet-speak just not hold a candle to "expensive" in ballroom-speak....we were not on the same linguistic planet when she would call something expensive.

I <3 shopping, though...at least as far as dancewear goes.


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that is such an exciting thing when it happens...I feel so fortunate that even at 8 lessons a week with the same instructor for 5 years, I still get to hear new elements of what I am doing that change everything

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