What are you excited about in your dancing right now?


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I'm excited to be doing a Latin Rumba for a showcase in February. My first one ever! Also, I am excited that my instructor is not holding back. He's putting all sorts of tough choreography and tricks in it. He believes in my abilities more than I do sometimes and it feels great to be supported like that.
Excellent! My instructor is the same way- either he has more confidence in my abilities than I do, or possibly his abilities to make dancer out of me yet :)


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New routines and a few awesome tweaks to the old ones - with time to really get them good for the next comp. It's amazing what a few very clear goals can do to inspire progress, and how progress then re-energizes the goals!


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Got to do a demo of bronze american viennese at a studio party, and the only criticism my instructor had was..."you need to smile more!" W00t! also, still can't wait for my tango show dance.
Started my lesson with rumba today. I don't normally look in the mirror when I dance - generally too blind! - but today I saw myself doing rumba walks, opening out and a few more figures.

At first I didn't quite believe I was looking at MY legs! Kept wanting to look around to see who else was there, but there really was only me and my teacher in the ballroom! I just looked really elegant, was doing some lovely shaping, using my ribs, etc. My teacher was just grinning so I knew I was doing well. Really pleased with myself. Hope I maintain it.

I am exploring dance as meditation - how to become more merged with the movement and less "in my head"
This quote resonated with me today from a meditation website "The dancer must go, until only the dance remains. Be totally in the dance because division can exist only if you are not totally in the dance moment. If you are standing aside and looking at your own dance the division will remain. You are the dancing and you are dancing. Then dancing is just an act - something you are doing - it is not your being. Dance can only be meditation if the dance is not contrived. Be merged in the moment."


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best of luck debmc! work to rock that floor!!

as far as me today? excited about progress in ease, balance and better control of weight transfers....
Valentina is wonderful! A lovely person and a great coach. Rarely does a lesson end without my Pro saying "what would Valentina want here." LOL - luckily, I love the information she imparted to me including ways of getting into and out of spin turns without being back weighted.


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Congratulations danceronice - it's nice to hear compliments secondhand....he's proud of you!
As he and his wife competed pro smooth, I'm VERY flattered. (See, Tibor, you taught me well... ;) )

And he liked the new dress. Given the hoops I had to jump through for it (yay ordering things from Europe via the internet) I'm relieved.
ajiboyet - congratulations on your slow waltz! This dance is the foundation of the "swing and sway" dances and your hard work will continue to influence your future dancing!
danceronice - when will you debut the new dress? Isn't it fun when your design plan comes together and the dress works! I'm in the process of designing a new dress that I will debut at Heritage.


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Finally beginning to get what tango should feel like. So different from all the other dances.

That and excited about upcoming comp in 5 weeks. Along with smooth the standard 5 dances are ready to compete, yea!

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