What are you excited about in your dancing right now?


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Went to a multi-studio dance party last night. So glad I can finally follow most of the leaders enough to enjoy social dancing. Danced all night and only had a couple of awkward moments that required a full stop/restart (and perhaps one of those wasn't my fault lol). Since I had never danced with most of these leaders before, I consider that a testament to the improvement of my following skills :) .

And the occasional dances that I got to do with my pro, a little slice of heaven flying around the floor, following him while he navigated lots of traffic, direction changes at full speed, etc. It was a great night of dancing. And to think I almost didn't go...
I totally relate...I feel as though I am finally in that space as well...it is a huge benchmark
So many wonderful epiphanies for me lately, it's hard to believe how earth shaking some of them seem for my dancing, but a lot simply came from watching Youtube videos of coaches like Marcus and Karen Hilton and other's of their ilk and working things out with DP, and then a few from some coachings with wonderful world class coaches this year. I wish I could actually implement all of the technical concepts I've come to understand. I owe a lot to DP for being just as much of a dance nerd as I am, if not more. :)

A huge one is that everything, and I mean everything, comes/starts in the feet and legs. Every shape, every turn of the head, every movement has to come from there. Each shape that does not correspond to the legs and feet...now I understand why it looks and feels so random or off kilter.

Also...huge, that you can't actually rotate the body and pivot at the same time. When pivoting, you have to be square, or else you'll pull yourself and the partnership off balance. So in any rotation the question is, am I rotating here or pivoting here? Or both, but one first and the other second?

I've also discovered the power of the various edges of the balls of my feet, and how I can pull myself around on the floor in various directions and cause certain body rotations by "grabbing the floor" in different ways. So fun and stablizing too, especially in tango (the chase!).

Finally, the whole concept of being forward weighted and resisting the momentum to send the body back when dancing backward, especially in foxtrot, and instead of sending the body back so soon, keeping the chest over the balls of the feet and sucking in the abs back as the foot goes back.

And I know there are so many other breakthroughs just waiting to happen...that keeps me motivated!


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had a great coaching with one of the female pros at my studio. She is fabulous at puncturing my ego and pushing me to do even better. I have three pages of notes of stuff that I'll need to get a move on practicing!


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Pro started Open Smooth Waltz with me last night while DH, although very weak from heart episode, sat and watched, Pro warned me "don't laugh at me when I come at you cause I'm going to get really close to your face"....couldn't help it...both me and DH burst out laughing...it was good...really it was good. Very thrilled to be starting new patterns.
Comp season's done for a couple months, so we're tricking out our routines with new choreo we've been wanting to try. Can definitely lead to some arguments with the partner, but it's usually a blast!

Also, just started samba rolls and batucadas. Hours of hard practice are imminent!


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Coaching, where I show up and it's said "wow, your body is really changing...I love it, keep doing what your doing" then the entire coaching is on shaping..stretching....hmmmm yoga on steroids? LOVED it.


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realizing that after two and a half years I am still very timid and shy around my pros mydance partners and even my classmates…and that’s why I don’t dance...what a discovery it is for me….


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Having a week off. After working 6p-2a, being in South Bend by 9:15 that morning for hair and makeup, having a long wait between showcase and mulitdance (where I am sure I was violently off time in rumba), having to leave before awards (not that it matters as I'm sure I didn't get anything special for the showcase and I'm sure I was second in Latin) so I don't even know how I did because I had to work 6-2 again, and capping it all off by the dog waking me up at 7:30 on Sunday, I need a break.


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realizing that after two and a half years I am still very timid and shy around my pros mydance partners and even my classmates…and that’s why I don’t dance...what a discovery it is for me….

There's a guy at the studio who comes in to practice by himself wearing a hoodie. The hood is pulled really far over his head so he can't see other people watching him.

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