What are you excited about in your dancing right now?


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I had already signed up for a lesson with Ed in October, for my birthday, so all I could swing was the workshop, but at least I'll get that.

Had some awesome revelations tonight in body shaping for smooth. It's always felt so forced and the exercises tonight were super useful. I'm really looking forward the addition of this silver technique class. We finally have enough upper level dancers to justify a technique class and I feel like I may finally make progress.
Working with my new practice partner has uncovered a lot of bad habits I built up with the old partner and set me on the road to fixing them! Hopefully I'll be as cheerful about the process in a few weeks, but for now I'm excited!


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I get to do some quickstep! YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! It's only a little over the budget for a year, anyone in the Chicago area need a good office chair so I can help out with the cost :). Just kidding. Not really.


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A bunch of small changes that each are changing the whole feel of the dancing. Feeling a little more ready for our first comp in a month and a half.


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Everything in Latin except Paso (haven't done that...) - it's all looking much better, feeling more natural. Everything has just come along in leaps and bounds. Basic steps can now look great, as well as the more fancy ones. Ballroom seems to have taken a back seat.


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Our routines are shaping up nicely- we are well on our way to being ready for Chicago in november. Also just bought a new dress, which I think will make a huge difference on our look on the floor


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Taking a bit of time to rest up and recover before going headlong in to the next phase. It's nice to have the time to sit back and reflect on what has been accomplished over the last year. I think I'm liking the things that are showing up and the direction things are heading in! :)
Leaving the competition floor last week and for the first time ever feeling that we didn't allow ourselves to be stressed and overcome by nerves. A thoroughly enjoyable experience just dancing (almost) to the best of our abilities - and it must have shown somehow, 'cause it turned out that we won (also for the first time ever) :)
In the midst of the partner search process and had tryouts with not one, but two promising potential partners! Still need to convince them they want to do standard in addition to latin, but you gotta start somewhere (I also probably have to pick one at some point, but I'll cross that ridge when I come to it)

Also had my first private with a prospective coach yesterday and started remaking my latin from the ground up (literally) with the end goal of a waaaayyy more balanced base to shape and lead from (and stronger ankles to boot).

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