What are you excited about in your dancing right now?


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I try not to get excited...but I am feeling good about the creative and interpretive aspects of "dancing" the choreo...and about the fact that alot of interconnections from dance to dance are finally starting to gel...so maybe, at last, when I get a concept in one place, I am more likely to recognize and get it everywhere else..can't really put a finger on all of it, but the entire process just seems to be productive right now


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This is the only place I'm going to allow myself to dwell on the positives and accomplishments in my dancing because goodness knows I've so so very much to learn and improve upon.

BUT... Pro and I danced a smooth foxtrot at the weekly practice party last night and it was the most fun I've had on the dance floor in a long long time, maybe ever. Great song, great dance, felt amazing, followed pro so easily and we glided around that floor effortlessly. When we finished, several people were like "wow, great moves"! Needless to say, an exciting moment for sure.

And the excitement continues, because of that dance last night, and the fact that I placed SO much better than I expected at my last comp in rythym, I'm feeling much more confident about tackling my disco inspired cha cha for the next showcase. :D


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in the last week I've had some long runs of dancing where I felt strong, stable, fast with good body and leg action....dear God, please let it continue....I promise, I'll continue to work hard....


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I'm excited by the progress I've seen/felt in the last couple of weeks - not so excited with the repetitions, but you gotta' pay to play!!
I am excited about a new Smooth dress for Heritage that is being created right now by my favorite designer. I am working on my dance "image" and upgrading in Open Silver to a more sophisticated look. My pro is so funny - I wanted to go over my reasoning for the change and he said - OK - just make sure she doesn't put a lot of stones right where my hand goes on your back. LOL

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