What are your favourite Lindy Hop dance tracks?


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I can't find a thread on this, so ...

After dancing for a year, I am starting to get more interested in the music. I find my urge to dance variously enormously depending on the music playing.

Some of my current favourite tracks are:
  • For Dancers Only - Jimmie Lunceford
    T'ain't What You Do - Jimmie Lunceford
    Banana Split for My Baby - Louis Prima
What are your favourites?
Hard to say....I do not do any DJ'ing myself, so I have no favourite lists.

One song that comes to mind is Bei mir bist do schöen, in the version from Swing Kids, I think. It's a great song, and I love the change of pace from fast to slow to fast.
ooh, ooh, there are too many!.. I should contain myself. How about:
C-Jam Blues (Lincoln Center Orchestra)
Shiny Stockings (Count Basie)
The Madison Time, part II (Ray Bryant)
Splanky (Basie)


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Thanks guys.

I've just bought these on iTunes -

Splanky - Count Basie

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon - Benny Goodman
(8) love this one)
I still have the same favorites I had in February, and I'm looking for more...

Moten Swing on the Kansas City soundtrack

"In the Digital Mood" Kalamazoo

There are a few on the Sy Oliver album Yes, Indeed, including a very crystal clear and punchy Tain't What Ya Do. Sy Oliver might be the same arranger responsible for the Lunceford version mentioned earlier.

Ray Bryant, "The Hucklebuck" and "Young Buddy", both are on Madison Time with a Hollywood Jazz Beat.


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Help! I'm becoming addicted to buying music online. :eek:

I must have bought about 30 songs in the last 24 hours.

The good news is I'm discovering more and more good dance music, amongst my latest favourites are:

Riffin' At the Ritz
One O'Clock Jump

Both from 'Live In New York" by the Swing Dance Orchestra

Anything Goes by Caroline O'Connor from the De-Lovely soundtrack
huey said:
Thanks guys.

I've just bought these on iTunes -

Splanky - Count Basie

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon - Benny Goodman
(8) love this one)
I am also checking these songs out. I just became an iTunes convert a couple of weeks ago and love it! How could it be easier! (Well, maybe by listing artists by last name instead of first!)
I've heard a few almost original versions of Moten Swing too. They're good, but you know for lindy hop you get better momentum with a little higher tempo than those. So, that's what the Kansas City Soundtrack one does. It's 154 bpm while those older ones are usually 130 to 135 bpm. 154 is in the decent lindy charleston range.
A small sampling of my CD database, organized by BPM with dates
Count Basie Moten Swing 126 1/1/1958
Count Basie Moten Swing 132 5/31/1959
Oscar Peterson Moten Swing 137 12/16/1962
Harry James Moten Swing 138 7/1/1958
Statesmen Of Jazz Moten Swing 157 12/20/1994
Kansas City Band Moten Swing 157 1/1/1996
Glen Gray Moten Swing 170 1/1/1957
Andy Kirk Moten Swing 174 3/2/1936
Benny Goodman Moten Swing 175 9/20/1938
Harry James Moten Swing 175 11/11/1946
Jay McShann Moten Swing 191 11/1/1944
Jon Belchor Moten Swing 193 1/1/1999
Count Basie Moten Swing 197 8/8/1940
Willie Smith Moten Swing 197 5/2/1945
Bennie Moten Moten Swing 200 12/13/1932
Gene Ammons Moten Swing 210 11/28/1961

Notice the Basie ranges from 126 to 197. But of course my favorite is.....Bennie Moten!
Here's my current favorites, although I don't know all the artists:

Wade in the Water - Eva Cassidy (sp?)

Lavender Coffin - Lionel Hampton

Fine Brown Frame - Lou Rawls

Moondance - Michael Buble

Fever - Peggy Lee

Lullaby of Birdland - Ella Fitzgerald

Green Onions - Blues Brothers (I know it's not usually played, but I did have a great dance to it once!)

Frim Fram Sauce - Diana Krall

Every Day I Have the Blues - Joe Williams & Count Basie

Solid as a Rock - Ella Fitzgerald

Whistle Stop - Louis Prima

Stray Cat Strut - Bill Elliot, I think?

Muddy Water - by ???

Maddest Kind of Love - by ???

Java Jive - by ???

There's a lot more, but that's all I can think of right now. :D
Just a few of the must-haves (there are hundreds!):

Muskrat Ramble -- Sidney Bechet 182bpm
Life Is So Peculiar -- Louis Armstrong and Louis Jordan 113 bpm
All That Meat and No Potatoes -- Louis Armstrong 110 bpm
Sweet Sue, Just You -- Django Reinhardt 189 bpm
Sweet Sue, Just You -- Benny Goodman 165 bpm
(Stray Cat Stut is Brian Setzer with the Stray Cats)

Anything 156 BPM or over will do it for me! :D [156 BPM is the tempo of blue Sky 5's version of "They All Laughed" btw]


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Last night I went to a class I hadn't been to before and they played a lovely modern track I hadn't heard before. Unfortunately by the time I asked about it, the teacher couldn't remember which one it was.

But it demonstrates that music doesn't have to be vintage swing to be good to lindy hop to.

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