what do you guys do for living?

Me? I'm a professional grad student studying set design. I say I'm a professional because it pays my rent and some expenses. During the summers I earn the savings that gets me through by carving foam, sculpting and painting (and whatever else I'm told to do) working for my mentor on some of the county displays at the CA state fair. Fun atmosphere, pays well, extremely flexible.

I got a little distracted this summer so I didn't earn quite what I was anticipating... but I'd do it again in half a heartbeat!! and I'll end up fine financially.

It's my goal to graduate without taking out any student loans... so far so good!!


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Amen to the loans for a living. Being a student really stinks sometimes, doesn't it?

I'm an engineer, but looking for ways to fit into the dance "business" on the side.


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pygmalion said:
Amen to the loans for a living. Being a student really stinks sometimes, doesn't it?
You know I'm not going to argue on this one!

(And yes, I know, if I was the mercurial/pragmatic type I'd put a link here in HUGE neon letters, not little plain ones. :wink: )
Definately not a professional dancer...but it's a dream!

I work as a communication associate for a major broker/dealer. I help setup conferences and develop advertising for magazines.

My ultimate goal is to go back to school and get my bachelor degree in business administration with a major in marketing and a minor in dance. Then I plan to open my own dance studio specializing in adult dance education and instruction. It's a dream and a long ways away, but it gives me something to hopefully look forward to.
Hey that's my dream also. I want to open my own dance studio, most likely a franchised Fred Astaire. I also want to have a small nightclub (very expensive though). 8)
I'm working on my bachelor's in chemistry with minors in management and dance...as to what I'm going to do with it professionally...your guess is as good as mine :lol: I also work part-time as a makeup artist (sort of :? ) at the MAC cosmetics counter near my college, which is nice because I get really good deals on competition makeup :D
I am a fashion designer by trade, but now I teach patchwork quilts 8) .
I am trying to be financially sustainable by publishing my patterns and securing more teaching hours. It would help if I win competitions (kinda works like dance comps :roll: )

I am also working on a few projects in the salsa community here, hosted teachers, travelled with show groups, promoted clubs/events. Basically having a blast :D (though not a living :roll: )!
Computer Tech here. Macintosh, PC, monitors, printers, broken hard drives, etc etc, you name it, I can fix it. And if not, I can certainly break it worse and offer a shoulder to cry on if you lose all of your files. :)

I only came upon this line of work by accident...its just something that comes easy to me and it pays the bills (barely)...but every ounce of my free time is devoted towards my other hobbies and interests. 8)

Hoping to change careers one day soon if my other endeavors pay off...but I also think of going back to school to get my Masters...now that family responsibilities have changed...I may do just that!

I'm gonna join the student loans club here. I get a full time job doing whatever I can find over the summers, and take out student loans to pay for school. I'm in my second year of Honours Mathematical Physics at the University of Alberta, though hopefully that'll be Cornell next year. :)

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