what do you guys do for living?


I work at Giant Eagle as a lot attendant, maintenance personnel, and a cashier. When I turn 18 I'll be learning other locations in the store and on weekend nights I perform at two local lakeshore clubs and I perform at party centers for certain occasions, non-profit, of course.
To put it in layman's terms, I mainly write programs to analyze DNA, although there are other focuses, such as determining protein structure, phylogenetic (i.e. "family") tree analyses, metabolism pathways, data mining, etc. Right now, I'm helping design laboratory experiments involving short DNA sequences used in microbe detection. Fun stuff.
I am an idiot by trade, at least thats what my co-workers constantly tell me I am supposed to be. Our motto is, "Neck down!"

I work backstage in theater, primarily doing lighting. Trying to save up some money to get out.
salsachinita said:
I am a fashion designer by trade, but now I teach patchwork quilts.
I am trying to be financially sustainable by publishing my patterns and securing more teaching hours.

I am also working on a few projects in the salsa community here, hosted instructors, travelled with show groups, promoted clubs/events. Basically having a blast (though not making a living :roll: )!
Looking back at my own post, life has changed quite a bit......

Now I'm making a living as a Customer Service Consultant at a call centre. It's a job, not a career.....but I must say I am pretty good at it ;) .

Of course, the trade-off is the lack of time/energy needed for salsa & other creative pursuits :roll:.......


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okay its an old thread so I will repeat myself...I am a hospice chaplain and grief counselor...and I also do marriage preparation for engaged couples...and I sing for weddings alot
Marketing for Architectural Professional Services for Public Sector

Partner is aerospace mechanical engineering nerd.

Wow there seems to be a lot of nerds...err smart people on here: IT nerds, engineering nerds, laboratory nerds, forensic nerds, chemist nerds, teaching nerds, designer nerds, counseling nerds, researching nerds...you name it!!

Maybe nerdiness is the way to pay for dancing...it's the secret!! :rolleyes:

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