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There are one or two milongas which if played on guitar have a nice rhythm and you can hear the pause; I guess that there must a folk origin there of strumming the guitar which created a 's-vq-vq-vq pause'. My early milonga dancing was basically a fast jog for 2.5 minutes but now I get to play with rhythm.

On bouncing; the dance is more up and down sometimes exaggeratedly so but for the faster steps there's no time for bounce, so for the leaders especially the hips have to stiffen so you get more upward movement (technically its called Branston-Hicks or something like that)

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Question by Twirly...

Originally Posted by Steve Pastor

I'd say, too, save the traspie for special occasions.

Really? What do you mean by special occasions? I think traspies is the best part of milonga - though i would say only do it if it works with the current partner, otherwise stick to normal, on the beat milonga."

Yesterday I was dancing milonga, and the song alternated between instrumental, and vocal. There were sections where one of the instruments would play repetitive notes at what was probably twice the speed of the other instruments.
All of the vocal sections had that single speed delivery.
So, when there were sections (probably just phrases?) with the rapid, 2x notes, I danced traspie. Most of the song, though, was 1x, so I danced "single speed".

My partner seemed a bit perplexed at first as to why I was doing one or the other. She caught on pretty fast. After I caught the first pause at the end of a phrase, which caught her by surprise, she started listening more to the music, I think, because she was pretty much right there as we hit most of the subsequent ones. (Sometimes I would over anticipate, too. I'm far from perfect!)

So, most milongas are not all "double time" notes. It doesn't make sense to me to dance traspie all the time, since the music doesn't call for it.
Steve, yes! And the contrast feels soooo nice. And it is more musical, and more wow factor than dancing all the time the same. It is a little like listening to a monotone speech vs the one with well articulated phrases, stresses and accents, pauses, and such. Makes it much more interesting and attractive.

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