What does waltz mean to you?

What does "waltz" means for you most likely? Please select (several votes possible)!

  • Landler (German Waltz)

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  • Mazurka (Polish Waltz)

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  • Vals Cruzado (Argentine Waltz)

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  • Vals Criollo (Latin-American Waltz)

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  • Valse Musete (French Waltz)

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From my european perspective I found some differences concerning the meaning of the word waltz. So I look forward to your replies.


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when someone says "waltz" with no other qualifier, my assumption is that I am doing a slow waltz...as in American or International (have never had anyone use the term English or Boston)....having said that, I am aware of the many other types of waltzing that exist


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If someone says "waltz" without a qualifier, I'd assume a slow waltz. Recognizing that it could be a Viennese Waltz. I'm not familiar with the other variations.


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It depends on what world I'm in. If I'm with Tango people, I know they're talking about Vals. If I'm with ballroom people, it's American or International.


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Today, with no other qualifier, I would think slow waltz. Before I started dancing and knew the difference, "waltz" was a mixture of slow waltz and Viennese Waltz. Though I agree with DOI - from a music perspective, I'd go with the time signature answer.
In Vietnam, we play Quick & Slow Waltz. Slow Waltz have two styles: French Valse Boston (Cross-step waltz) and English Waltz. Boston was popular several years ago, when dancesport not well-known, and often used for beginner or female who doesn't like closed frame.

Like others, music is the most important, but if I have to choose, English Waltz is my favour.

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