What (if any) instrument/s do you play?

Look like it is really nice. Also the upright has longer strings and a better sound than the spinet. Wood looks like it is in tip top shape. Excellent choice. How does it sound?


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How are you gonna move that sucker around with you? Don't you change houses frequently?
Hopefully I'll be at this house for at least a year...only changed houses frequently due to moving out of mum's to a temporary house.

jmuise: I haven't played it yet...I have a sneaking suspicion though that it might be a piano from my old school...that drum set looks awfully familiar, and the piano seat + piano itself look exactly the same.

It was my favourite piano at school...I'm hoping it'll sound sorta familiar.


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Sax, flute, piano. In order of proficiency. I probably shouldn't even count piano anymore. Or flute for that matter. Not sure if I could manage the embouchure now.


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Hmm, can't believe I haven't found this thread before... I play electronic keyboards (although to be honest, I'm more interested in the synthesizer part than the keyboard part); I'm OK on bass and minimally competent on guitar. A long time ago I played keys and some guitar in a bar band in Florida. I should post a pic of my modular synth -- it's grown a bit since the last time it made an appearance here. :D


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I play violin (and dabble in viola and cello) and can mess around on a piano. Briefly played clarinet and can still extract some squeaky sounds. Have been learning ukulele lately but haven't had much time to work on it.


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Brass instruments kind of run in our family -- my dad plays tuba, and I have several relatives who play trumpet and trombone. But I've never been able to get a non-rude noise out of one. :rolleyes:
I played the trumpet in Middle and high school. Sometime during the summer, I found my trumpet at my parents house, and brought it up to my current residence. I have been trying to practice playing it 2 or three times a week, but I do feel goofy learning to play again, with all my housemates, and neighbors.--But just like dance practice,--even though I feel goofy, I don't let it stop me.

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