What is push dancing?


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From all I can find out there, it's a variation of West Coast Swing, done mainly in Texas. Anybody here familiar? What does it look like? Tough? Easy to learn? I assume it's mainly a social dance. Any differences from WCS that you can name?

I'll be learning it soon. Just want to get a head start. 8)
Is it 'push' as in the sugarpush? If so, I'd say it's WCS, or pretty darn close, though I haven't heard of a dance just called the push.

I'll try to find a clip and post it so we can dissect it on the DF.
TA DA!!!! I knew it was out there somewhere:

This is a cool article that talks about all different styles of swing dancing:

"If we move further east to Texas, we encounter the "Dallas push" and the "Houston whip". Terry Rippa of the Dallas Push club describes the Push as a dance which uses lots of turns and spins. "It is a smooth provocative dance," he says, most often done to rhythm and blues music. Barry Durand, a country western swing dancer, explained that the Dallas Push and the Houston Whip have a double rock step on the end of the slot, rather than the syncopations common to west coast swing. Terry noted that the Push is a barroom dance, not a ballroom dance. Most Push dancing in Dallas is done out at nightclubs, rather than in private dance halls. Mario Robau of the Houston Whip Club is a leading exponent of the Whip, a slotted variant where the woman does a circular body undulation at the end of the slot. Both the Whip and the Push are done to medium tempo rhythm and blues music, much the same as the Carolina Shag. "


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Thanks. :D Cool link. 8)

It's starting to look like Texas, the state I'm moving too, is a bit ... unique, even in terms of C&W dance. From all I've read and heard, the style in Texas is a bit different than most other places. So, starting in a couple weeks, I'll have a lot to ask and a lot to contribute to the C&W forum, I think.

It'd be interesting to do some travel to other parts of the West and Southwest while I'm out there, just to report back what I see. 8)

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