What Is Something You Are Proud of ???

Phil Owl

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Thanks Ray, I do too... I just told my instructor/coach that this was my first dancing goal (social dancing confidence).... it was so very nice to see it come to pass in a true moment of serendipity... I'm truly blessed by dancing and how it has impacted my life for the better. :D
That is so great Joyful Dancer! That's what it did for me too. :D

Ask away, we don't bite ;)

Phil Owl

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Work is starting to come in for my new endeavor, filmed and edited several local live performances, designed a CD package for a client 2000 miles from here, just landed a video re-editing/revamping project for a historical presentation up North, and more media stuff in the pipeline this fall.

In short, proud of the fact that after encouragement from many friends I FINALLY decided to do what I love and let the money follow. Also proud of actually buying the book "Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow" by Marsha Sinetar and reading it. Also proud of making the decision to NEVER AGAIN jump on the corporate treadmill (as it has this bad tendency to throw you off without provocation or at the slightest sign of individuality). :D:twisted::mrgreen:

One final thing, proud of making gradual changes in my diet and getting more active these last few months (which includes TONS of dancing), some people have told me I'm starting to get thinner. :D


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Having set myself a sports related goal exactly a year ago, and getting confirmation yesterday that all the effort has been worthwhile and that I made it :D:D:D

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