What is tango?

What is tango for you? Is it just steps? What about what you feel when you dance it? Passion? Love? Desire?

What do you think about this improvisation of tango?


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What do you think about this improvisation of tango?
I like the plot, your utilization of the space, the costumes (garters), the succession of movements, the atmosphere, the rhythmical realization. I don´t like your stepping at 1:25 - 1:26 You are leaning backwards, that´s a cardinal aesthetical sin. By the way it´s a choreo, not an improvisation. Improvisation is when you do not know what will come. May I ask if you are planning a second act with more lyrical dancing?

What is tango for you?
bodywork, cultural training, dating agency, tour operator.

…tango.. Is it just steps?
It´s playing instruments, meeting friends, d-jaying, photographing, and more.

What about what you feel when you dance it? Passion? Love? Desire?
None of these. As a leader I´m totally occupied with analyzing the music and space (dance floor), and correcting my posture.
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What is tango for you?
...an urban Argentinean folk dance; a way of artistic expression, as well as to entertain people! Friends, foes, competitors and a whole bunch of customers - in short my profession.
Is it just steps?
No it was never about steps, if it was about steping well.
What about what you feel when you dance it?
I think I have felt most of the emotions possible during the years. Today, I mostly feel joy, and I’m rather content about that.


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What do you think about this ... tango?
I assume the vid show a school staging Euro/American tango clichés for an audience of parents and friends using only a limited budget and amount of time. In this regard everybody did a fine job.

You might want to improve to portion of tango and stage craft in this performance.

For a start everybody might want to learn to walk and stand with purpose. The transitions of the leading couple should become smooth the poses pronounced and actually dancing a few of steps might help as well.

How about dressing the main characters in vibrant colors and the background dancer in dark ones? A moving spot will gather the focus on the action, the moving emblems on the backdrop are a distraction.

Get rid of costumes with the look of cheap materials. Pantyhose’s pretending to be a garter belt are a No-Go and won’t be seen in the back anyway. A flowing wide gown is not helpful to underline the rather abrupt movement of the lady’s leg in tango. Check the usual suspects for a better model (Tango Passion, Senor Tango, Rojas, Montes, TV dance shows)

Revealing the lady’s leg on occasions in a controlled way will result in a more erotic tension than flashing it by accident. Running along the whole stage to gather momentum for a waits high jump is strictly reserved for comedy moments. ;) (Although I doubt anybody else has noticed that.)

There are plenty of cool show elements: smacking her around, jumping on and kicking of chairs, etc. Why not gather them in one easy to follow plot culminating in one final conclusion?

Leaving that nitbits aside, I felt entertained and therfore liked it - despite the song.:D
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