What kind of step is Sam Rockwell doing here? Hip Hop? Charleston?

I love how this guy dances. I'm new so can't post links but search you tube for "Sam Rockwell dancing Chuck Barris" and it will come up. I'm trying to figure out what that move that starts at 1:55 is (and more importantly, how to do it). It comes right after those 1920's Charleston style foot flares and before he goes into that breakdance spin. Can someone PLEASE tell me what that's called and point me to a place where i can learn how to do it? I've looked all over youtube and the closest thing I can find is a hip hop indian step but that's not exactly right either. Below is the link. Thanks!


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..figure out what that move that starts at 1:55 is (and more importantly, how to do it)...
Hi m, that´s no specific dance style, more or less fusion. And I think from a certain point of proficiency on you have to figure out this stuff on your own or to invent something new as well. Some parts reminded me of american tap dance and Fred Astaire broadway stage style, others of charleston or swing. Think it wouldn´t hurt you to go further into all of these styles.
Hi opendoor, I really mean what that very specific move is between like 1:55 and 1:57. After the Charleston foot flares but before he goes to the floor.


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Speaking frankly, I used to dance these moves some years ago sometimes spontaneously to modern rockabilly as Stray Cats. But I do not have a name, style or so, sorry. Perhaps it could stem from british punk?
It looks sort of like the jazz step "Falling off the Log"

I learned the step through a jazz routine at a Lindy Hop class.

It doesn't look quite the same but if its not then its another similar jazz move. The video quality is a little jerky so I'm not exactly sure I'm seeing it right.


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That looks like a slightly modified version a jazz move known as the cross kick (not sure if that is the exact name). Do a search on youtube for "Alphabetical Jazz Steps 2 (Bigger & Longer)". It is the very first video on the list. In the video, go to around the 3:23 minute mark. Hope that helps.

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