What made you smile today?


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Yesterday afternoon, my good friend Darlene sent me a photo on my phone. A butterfly sitting on a flower, it's my phone's background now. She took it and sent it to me, because she said the color of it reminded her of the color of my hair. One of the sweetest sentiments given to me in a long time. :)


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The expression of the faces of my (male, military) coworkers as I explained the criticality of the precise shade of the colour I want for my dress... absolutely priceless.
The girl who bought my old dress got it today. She looks amazing! I'm so glad it went to a good home... It was a little more emotional than I thought it would be actually mailing it out


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Today was a terrible day (see whining thread eventually). So when I opened up my steak quesadilla, imagine my happiness to find they'd included sour cream, salsa, AND extra tortilla chips, and hadn't charged me for the drink. Thank you, inattentive stoners. Misspell your outdoor signage all you want.
Some young people I work with were visited by a researcher. They all spoke, rather than looking at their shoes for an hour, and every one of them was articulate, mature and insightful. :) I'm not an emotional man but I could almost have hugged them.

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