What made you smile today?


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A bird in the sky yesterday. Today though I don't think I will let anything change my disgusting mood...I am sure not even the lesson with my pro will make a difference...


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Our grandchildren, running outside in the freezing weather of Texas, BAREFOOT to get us out of the car for long awaited hugs and news and cookie making.
2) yes there is two....Purchased the Hallmark Card barrel of snowballs....soft snowballs, for grandkids...upon entrance to house, a 20 minute snowball fight was ON...4 adults against 3 kids. Color me happy,,,this makes me the FAVORITE!!at least for now it does. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! and Grandpa's baseball of years ago throwin arm is back! lol...
I had a fitness assessment at my gym today... I'm 25lbs lighter than I thought I was (I was hiding from the scale) and somehow gained 3/4" in height, now at 5'11", which I attribute to dance improving my posture. :-D


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One of my staff members just drew me a map to a meeting room for tommorrow. Complete with "you are here" notation, arrows to mark my path, and an "x" at the boardroom. It's my workplace treasure map, and it's ridiculous and awesome.


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When in the world does it ever happen that a complete stranger whom you've never seen before walks in off the street, puts on his shoes, accepts your invitation to tango, and you dance an entire tango without one single glitch? I don't care who you are, that's a unicorn situation right there.

That actually happened to me tonight. I know I should be over this idealistic, rosy-tinted annoying-as-hell-to-you-seasoned-better-thans by now, but it's things like this that make me feel like yes, I can feel totally justified saying "I'm a ballroom dancer" with a straight face.

Thanks, Doug from Detroit.

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