What Made You Want To Dance?


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While I thought I was a decent swing & freestyle dancer, my now-ex GF once told me, "I'm used to dancing with guys who are good dancers". Smacky! So, we tried some lessons together and I discovered ballroom.

Ironic, since one time after we broke up, she came to my former studio to try a bronze lesson and did rather poorly. (Ok, I admit it, I smirked...) And I met DP there.


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I simply love all these stories about how you got started. It seems to me that ballroom is very visual (no doubt with all those sparkly dresses) and for some people it's just too much. Hey, this is probably the best hobby I've ever succumbed, too! :p Now, if only I could find a way to get my college buddies involved... :eyebrow:
Hello everybody. This is my first time here, and this will be my first post.
For me, back in high school I attended school dances, and went to a few clubs in college but never felt it was my "thing."
While in college, I tried a ballroom dance class because I had friends who constantly talked about how they wanted to impress their girlfriends with ballroom dancing. All talk and no action, so I decided to beat them to the punch. I first learned Standard Waltz and Latin Cha Cha.
What started off as a little joke between friends 2 years ago turned into something more. Now I'm doing collegiate competitions, some performances, and go to ballroom socials, and now I'm feeling "Yes this is my thing!" :]
I was working for a consulting company 5 years ago and one of the other Partners kept inviting me to a Friday night social to "just watch" and consider taking group classes. She competed with a local pro and I found out later that she was bringing me to the studio in the hopes that I would sign up for private lessons with him. I liked her pro but, we didn't "click" when we danced that evening.

However, my current pro took me out for a waltz spin around the floor and then later in the evening I saw him dance Viennese Waltz with his Open Gold smooth girl. That's all it took - hundreds of lessons and dozens of comps later, lots of sparkly dresses.... : ) and I hope I am dancing Smooth forever. Ironically, the dancer who introduced me to the studio is no longer dancing.
I danced Jazz as a child/teen but always wanted to learn ballroom after watching Dirty dancing and Strictly ballroom.

As an adult watching DWTS got the passion burning again and I started taking classes 4 years ago and started dancing competively 2.5 years ago.

I will be dancing until my body no longer allows me to. New latin partner has also introduced me to Salsa and Bachata which I am also falling in love with.


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Love, love, love your stories!I'm so happy this thread inspired a lurker to become one of us too!!!
My story is a story of pain. While in primary school I kept asking my parents to pay for me to go to a ballet class; they didn't but for some years I wouldn't stop dancing to the ballet music I laid my hands to. Anyway, they couldn't, even if they wanted to, we struggled to survive back then.
Pain resurrected my childhood dream last year,some 30 years after that...Instead of operating on my herniated disc I chose to go to this gym. And there I met the teacher of my life (xe xe xe)...my dance teacher who made me believe I could overcome pain and dance. And that was it. I am now hooked!!! I will never compete but I compete every time I am on a dancefloor! It's the story of my life!!!
I went to watch a friend compete at a competition. I was only planning on watching for an hour or two in the morning...

...10 hours later, a showcase by Victor Fung and Anna Mikhed sealed the deal and I was hooked. It took a year before other commitments allowed me to get into it seriously, but the rest is history.


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There really is something in ballroom for everyone. It's one of those few hobbies that truly has no age limit. The youngest ballroom dancer I've seen is ten, and the oldest is at least in his seventies.


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There really is something in ballroom for everyone. It's one of those few hobbies that truly has no age limit. The youngest ballroom dancer I've seen is ten, and the oldest is at least in his seventies.
this is so romantic!!!you cheered me up!


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There really is something in ballroom for everyone. It's one of those few hobbies that truly has no age limit. The youngest ballroom dancer I've seen is ten, and the oldest is at least in his seventies.
Seventies, that's nothing. There's a woman at our local ballroom club in her 90's. And I was very impressed when we went out to a social during our Thanksgiving trip -- there was a woman there who could hardly walk -- more of a shuffle, just making her way to a spot on the dance floor. But she could dance! (Gently, and small, but still really inspiring.)


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I had no opinion or interest in it whatsoever until my brother informed me one afternoon that I was going to go to a ballroom dance with him. I was immediately hooked! That was 1995. He and I still perform together, although his gf is his official partner. Sometimes I coach them, and he'll help me teach classes occasionally.


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In her nineties?! My goodness! :shock: That's inspiring! It seems that family plays a pretty big role in this decision. Whether you're made, or someone just suggested it, there's no doubt about their influence.

That reminds me. I was talking with one of my former running mate's parents about how musical men are often sought after, and I mentioned dancing. They said that they'd make him take ballroom as a punishment if he misbehaved.

I'm biased, but I don't think that's really a punishment, unless he specifically loathes it, which I haven't had any affirmation of. After all, if he ever gets married, he'd be wise to take some lessons for the wedding. It's pretty hard in today's culture, IMO, to avoid dancing.


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I wonder why some of us get hooked, and some of us leave? I know of a few people that I started with who are just as hooked as I am, and I also know some who faded away. It makes me wonder what personality type gets hooked on ballroom.


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I thought about leaving every other week of the first three years...but every time I took a week off I felt as though I had lost a close friend...as LG likes to quote, there are those who love to dance and those who have to dance....for me, it was the merging of all of the things that speak to my soul; passion, music, physicality
When I look in the mirror in class after hitting a line and I see a "DANCER" reflected back at me - I know I will never leave ballroom unless I am truly dancing away my pension and I have no income to support my habit.

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