What Made You Want To Dance?

My favorite movie has always been Dirty Dancing. I never got the chance to take lessons as a kid so when the opportunity came around I jumped. I now have been dancing for 2 years and have competed a few times and love it. Dancing has definately become a passion!


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Welcome to DF, ktia! I absolutely adore the movie Dirty Dancing! Although, every time I watch it, I want to cry because I miss Patrick Swayze so much. :(

Kudos for jumping at an opportunity when it presented itself. Sometimes the prospect of trying something new is intimidating, even if you want to do it. Man, was I intimidated when I walked into my first lesson wearing a running outfit and tennis shoes!
Thank you, Aura!

I want to cry as well! I can't believe they are going to try to "remake" the movie. Makes me sad that they would even attempt to remake such a great movie! :(

I was so scared when I first walked in, but as they say the most hardest part is walking through the front door!


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I knew they were making a remake! Some movies just shouldn't be touched. Unfortunately, Footloose already has, and now Dirty Dancing. Call me a purist, but I think I'm going to boycott it when it comes out.

I certainly agree. I've been with my new studio for about a year and a half now, and I can't even tell you how terrified I was. It didn't help that it was at 7:00 pm and my teacher was the only one there.
Aura - like you, I walked through the door for the first time wearing sweatpants and trainers/sneakers.

I had danced for a few months when I was about 6 or 7 but gave up because my sister was so much better than me. It was only recently that I reaised that she was better than me because she was 3 years older than me and had been dancing for a lot longer, but all the time I thought i ws rubbish and had not dared to try to dance again, even though I really wanted to.

It was only last year that I came to my senses and booked a private lesson and LOVED it! My teacher is really supportive and always tries to boost my confidence, so I've been really lucky. I dance around 7 hours a week now and only wish I could dance more. I picked up my first competition dresses today and am really excited about my first comp in May. :)

L x
Aura - I am with you there! I refuse to watch the remake of Footloose and will boycott Dirty Dancing.

Ladybird - Good luck with your first comp! I absolutely LOVE comps! To me they are more fun than shows, but each to their own! And getting your first dresses is so exciting. I now have 4 but, trying to sell two of them since I really only need the 2. :)


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Welcome to DF, Ladybird! I was a former runner, so I had just come into the studio from a run. Hence, the running gear and shoes.

I'm a Tom, but I remembered when I tried on my first Smooth dress. I felt like a princess. But, I also felt about five pounds heavier with all the rhinestones!
About two years ago my now-ex BF and I were invited to a Viennese Ball by some friends of his. Neither of us had any experience at all with dance so the couple who invited us gave us a few lessons in the week before the ball. I learned the foxtrot, waltz, Viennese waltz, polka, and a little swing over the course of that week, and by the end of the night at the ball I was thoroughly in love with dancing.
Unfortunately I didn't know how/where to go from there to pursue dance. But I graduated high school and noticed that the college I'm attending offers ballroom classes, and ever since I saw that I've been trying to get enrolled in the class - finally succeeded this fall quarter. From there, I also found an off-campus Cuban salsa class and I volunteered to help run the ballroom club that another student wanted to start...So I've been dancing for about 3 months now and I just can't get enough.=]


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You're so lucky your college offers classes. My college once offered it as recreation, but apparently the guy who taught it became lazy. :confused: I'd offer to teach it myself, but I've only been practicing consistently for about a year and a half now (a total of about four years on and off).

On another note, you got introduced to dancing by a ball invitation! *turns green* What an introduction! Best wishes for your new hobby, my friend! If you have any questions, I'll try to help you to the best of my ability. Though, for technical questions you may want to refer to someone else.
Yeah, I'm really glad I'm able to take at least a couple classes through my university - although I'm pretty sure ballroom 1 (waltz and foxtrot) and ballroom 2 (cha cha and tango - the class I'm about to start in a couple days) are the only two ballroom classes they have...the rest of the dance program is ballet, jazz, etc. Still, I'll take what I can get! haha

And yeah, the ball was a spectacular way to be introduced to dance...it was SO much fun. It was such a beautiful night, from the delicious dinner to the dancing all night...meeting and dancing with new people gave me an interesting insight into different styles and ways of dancing, especially for being so early on for me - literally one week into learning to dance.
And thank you - I'm thrilled to have found dance and be getting into it. I'm also thrilled that I found this forum, and I'm already seeing that it's going to do me worlds of good and be such an educational (as well as fun) experience to read and post here. =]


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I love this forum as well. I only have one friend my age who does ballroom, but I only get to see her occasionally because we're both college students. DF gives me a place to chat with other ballroom dancers, and I love it! Keep dancing, friend, and Happy New Year!
some very cool and interesting responses. My reason is a little more simple. Where as some people were put into dance at a young age, I sort of found it myself over time. Ive done quite alot at my age of 24. Raced motorcycles, taught kickboxing, played guitar for 6 year, and continue to do a bunch of digital art and filmmaking. But I always had more fun dancing then anything else, and only recently thought about taking it seriously, im glad I diddnt wait any longer.

When I was young, like 14, and was dancing at either a camp event or at a wedding or something with my mom, I would have girls 18, 25, 30, 40, 50, come up to me to dance. The funny thing was I was EXTREMELY shy... I remembered the first time girls came up to me, I had to run outside to get air afterwards! haha. It was a big deal for me. Dance became my way of communicating, and to this day im much better physically then I am verbally. I am fortunate in that when I hear music, I was naturally able to move my body to it and look decent doing it.

I have always been very perceptive of my partners as well... or my opponents. This is one of the reasons I was good at kickboxing. I could sense what they felt and when they were going to attack. I use this in ballroom to feel what my partner is and the music as your supposed to.

for me it was simple, I started to take dance, because I love to DANCE! :) but the other question is why ballroom? ive taken a little bit of hip hop before, and love the freedom it gives you. I could and wouldnt mind continuing to do hiphop, but the funny thing is that Ballroom fits on me better. The physicality, the sexuality, the attitude, the connection between two people, the look, all fits on me pretty well as a person. The choice to do ballroom for me wasnt just because it 'clicked' with me because I can associate with it and appreciate it so much, but logical as well because I have narrowed it down to this. While many people are introduced to dance at a very young age, I was able to test so many things out and came to ballroom dance by a process of elimination almost. This is just a theory of mine, but its like finding a lover for life... you have to try out alot before you get to know what you want and whats best for you.

that was a long post... lol
but yea, wish i actually did start younger thou, couldve gone much further, but all is good. Point is were all here dancing. Its fascinating all the different ways people find the same destination.


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Welcome to DF, costa! The one thing I love about dance is it is probably the most effective way to break down social barriers. If you aren't afraid of physical contact, you'd be surprised how many friends you make just by dancing.

The other wonderful thing is that dance has many genres. If one doesn't fit you, you can try another one. I'm not too interested in hip-hop myself, but I always had a blast when I had to do it. Ballet is, ahem, extremely hard, but also very rewarding. However, like you, I found that ballroom fit my personality best.


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The other wonderful thing is that dance has many genres. If one doesn't fit you, you can try another one. I'm not too interested in hip-hop myself, but I always had a blast when I had to do it. Ballet is, ahem, extremely hard, but also very rewarding. However, like you, I found that ballroom fit my personality best.
I also like that within ballroom there are also many genres. You can pick rhythm, smooth, latin or standard, or combinations of any of these. You find which dance you are drawn to and you can work on that, or you can try to get good at all of them, or you can work on one form one year and then focus on another one the next. Lots of variety within ballroom dance.

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