What makes a guy a good grinder?

Usually I will be in a club and I LOVE to freestyle. I do a lot of popping, waving, locking, BBOY, etc. These are mostly "solo" types of dances. Often when I am dancing I will attract the attention of others and sometimes they will want to dance with me.

I have knowledge of Salsa and have taken classes before. However, in a typical club environment the average person lacks the "vocabulary" of Salsa moves. (I also know Meringue and Cha-Cha too) Thus, I usually do not use these moves due to the lack of communication (It is EXTREMELY loud). Most people can understand a general turn or something of that nature but fancier moves they will not pick up on. (Or I simply need to improve my ability to lead)

Anyways, the typical club environment is usually grinding. Most people understand this and I know how to do it. One thing I have always wondered is what makes a guy a good grinder? What seperates one guy from another? While there may be opinions I think we can come to a general consensus.

Similar to how we could make a list of what makes a good lead, what about a good grinder?
A good grinder is like a good lover. Entirely subjective and really depends on the connection or lack thereof between the 2 individuals partaking in the said act.

In other words, if she digs you, its all good. If not, you'll never be good.

i actually like grinding questions. its always possible to be relvant and yet vague ;)


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Well, first off, I'd say it depends on which part of the world you're talking about. Next, it depends on fresh, quality ingredients. People really underestimate how important a good quality baguette is. Same for good quality meat, fresh tomato, crisp lettuce...

Currently my fav grinders are made here. Had one for lunch today, in fact.
i prefer the term "hoagie".

the bread should be sufficiently crusty for texture, yet soft enough on the inside to soak up the condiments which should include a good olive oil...

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