What modern song can you dance the viennese waltz to for wedding?

"Breakaway" -Kelly Clarkson
"So She Dances" -Josh Groban...it's on the slow side, but I really love it, in case you couldn't already tell! :bouncy:


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I'll Be by Edwin McCain. Very romantic. On the slow side, but for a wedding, I'd personally avoid going full speed, who wants to get winded on their wedding day?:)


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How can I be sure...The Rascals
Cold..Annie Lennox
Have you really ever loved a woman...Bryan Adams
Caribbean Blue or Flora's Secret...Enya
I go to sleep....The Pretenders
Well if I was getting married again I would want Anne Mattila's "Maijan ja Jannen häävalssi" from the CD "Unihiekkaa" (2004). It means "Mary and John's Wedding Waltz", and the Finnish words mean something like "I love, love, love you: do you, do you, do you believe me?" but the tune is the most mournful waltz I have ever heard. But perhaps I have been to Finland too many times. Ariman (www.ariman.fi) have a copy - I've just looked.


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Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan
Love Just Is - Hillary Duff
I'll Never Break Your Heart - Backstreet Boys
Only Hope - Mandy Moore
Runaway - The Coors
No One - Aly and AJ
Homeless Heart - Amanda Stott

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