when's y o u r birthday?

lmao... nah, people always look for quick fix. ;)
but it sure is fun to talk about.

i'll PM you some asteroid links tomorrow.
My Eros is coming out of Taurus and moving into Gemini--I'd have to check more specifically before I can be sure of an exact position. So, lol, caught between the deep sensualism of Taurus and the flighty, word-games and intellectual self-consciousness of Gemini. Pretty much right on the money in that one....

My Psyche is in Virgo! (The only element I know that's in Virgo). But that makes sense--underneath all the apparent shifting of position and verbal play, there is a pretty stable, defined, almost self-contained personality. It explains my focus and perfectionism when it comes to the work I take seriously--and it also explains why I'm perfectly okay being single (and even in relationships require a great deal of space).
Being pretty new here and all, I only just found this thread...but thought I'd post anyways...my b'day's the 30th of May, '89...so I'm 18 in about six weeks. I've never been able to find much about what a gemini's 'supposed' to be...so I don't know if it fits me or not :grin:
may 19th Taurus. but with gemini in mercury and libra moon and rising, im thankful i have taurus to keep me a bit grounded...oh look..there's a chicken.


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I have two family members that have the same problem, their birthdays are on the 1st January, and normally everyone is either tired or hung over from the celebration, and then it is oh yeah happy birthday!:roll:

my birthday everybody forgets because it is on Dec 31th - Capricorn.


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