when's y o u r birthday?

hahah... virgo's definitley rock! i love being a virgo and being born in september... it's the perfect month... perfect weather, perfect times... perfect everything =)


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SDsalsaguy said:
Sagitta said:
There are no cliques here at DF that I have seen, that exclude or desire to exclude anyone. In fact we want more people to join in wherever they can to make this a dynamic gathering ground. Or that's what I want anyway!! :)
That's exactly right Sagitta! I hereby nominate you as out official unofficial spokesman! Do you accept?
Yesss!!!! How could I not? What a honor!! :D
23rd December Eve of Christmas Eve Year of the Rabbit!!! :bouncy: Just for everyone's info...

1972, 1984: Mouse
1973, 1985: Cow
1974, 1986: Tiger
1975, 1987: Rabbit
1976, 1988: Dragon
1977, 1989: Snake
1978, 1990: Horse
1979, 1991: Goat
1980, 1992: Monkey
1981, 1993: Rooster
1982, 1994: Dog
1983, 1995: Pig

You can calculate it coz there are 12 animals... e.g. Year of the Rabbit: 1999, 1999-12=1987, 1987-12=1975, 1975-12=1963 etc. ... Sorry I didn't put in the years before 1972... kinda tedious... hee hee :oops: 8)

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