when's y o u r birthday?


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NeoDevin said:
...and finding recipes for anything is easy with the internet
Okay, you have issued me with a challenge there :wink: will try and think up something to see how wide ranging your cooking skills are. I promise that the ingredients will not include - 1 bra :wink: 2 snow :lol: 3 dance :D


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NeoDevin said:
Ok Deal! You fly me up to the UK, and I'll cook whatever you want for you.
Why does this have to involve "flying you to the UK"? :lol:

You said finding receipes is easy, thanks to the internet. I am going to try and put you to the test ie. name a dish and see if you can find a receipe for it :D


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LOL. I played that game at a bridal shower once, and I was the only one who could guess what the recipes were. The days of female domesticity are past, I fear. :lol:


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March 20, btw (to get vaguely back on topic LOL)

So the astrologers can't decide if I'm a pisces or as aries. To be frank, most days, both horoscopes fit. Either that, or neither. :shock: :cry: LOL.


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And then if you "throw in" which moon/star was in the ascending house, you could have scorpian or aquarius in the mix too :wink: :lol:
Phil Owl said:
January 7 --- Capricorn
SwinginBoo said:
January 17th -- Capricorn -- and Year of the Monkey!!! Yay Monkeys!
NeoDevin said:
February 5th, '85. Aquarius
ballroomboilergirl said:
Feb. 6, '85...hell yes for Aquariuses, baby! Hey NeoDevin, we were born less than 24 hours apart!
dancersdreamland said:
February 11 - Aquarius
youngsta said:
March 2 -- Pisces!!

Happy Belated Birthday!! :bouncy: :D
I'm a Scorpio, but I'd rather not give out my exact birthday.

(Typical Scorpio behavior.)

I will say that I have a pretty big dose of Sagittarius in me as well.

(Pygmalion, I am completely unsurprised that you are a Pisces. Very odd.)


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:shock: Uh oh. I guess I'd better read up on pisces (and aries) and figure out who I'm supposed to be.

Oddly enough, I had lunch with a girlfriend today, who said she "always knew" I was an aries. Go figure. I will google, then I'll be back. 8)
You seem like a Pisces to me, although I usually don't like to guess unless I've met somone in person (and even then sometimes I don't have a strong feeling). Not that you didn't already say. Actually, one of my favorite dance partners is kind of in your position, staddling Pisces and Aries. To me she seems like an Aries with lots of Pisces qualities, but the Aries is dominant most of the time.

(I am always amazed I am into this stuff. I'm basically very skeptical and agnostic about most things, but there seems to be something to astrology. Why, I don't know.)


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Yes. I believe there's something to it, too. I've spent the last few minutes googling (surprise, surprise), and to be honest, I can relate to both good and bad qualities of both signs.

My friend at lunch recommended something called "The birthday book" which breaks these things down, day by day, not just month by month, and takes into account both sun signs and Chinese signs. I think I'll take a look. I'm curious now.
Pygmalion, the only problem with that approach--and I think I know that particular book--is that the significance of what exact day you're born on changes from year to year. You really need to know what planets are where (where your moon is, venus, etc.). Of course, I'm lazy about math, so I myself don't pay much attention to all the angles and so forth. But the signs in the planets, in my chart, are weirdly accurate, for the most part.


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Yes, I suspect that the most accurate approach is to have my chart done. But I'm afraid to do that - I have a feeling it will be accurate. Very eerie.

(and it's Jenn, to my friends :D )
MapleLeaf Salsero said:
August 14th, Leo

There´s only one other Leo here, I feel so lonely. :(
Don't feel lonely - I was born on June 23rd which makes my sign Cancer. I haven't seen anyone else claim this sign yet :cry:
HothouseSalsero said:
(I am always amazed I am into this stuff. I'm basically very skeptical and agnostic about most things, but there seems to be something to astrology. Why, I don't know.)
Yep, I am a skeptic too, at the same time very open to all ideas/possibilities.

(I've become a lot more skeptical since I split up with my salsa mentor/ex who was supposed to be my perfect match by every book :roll: .......and both of us being Scorpio, reading mine would be like reading his.....so I kinda stopped reading....)

Ok, I'm a Scorpio/Dog......more Dog than Scorpio I think. I am very open, not secretive/jealous enough to be a true Scorpio :? .

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