Where to learn the traditional style Bachata?


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Re: Traditional Bachata

...more specific I want to learn the Traditional Style Bachata. Does anyone have any knowledge/input of where I should go?
Hi BBCrazyLegs, try to go to Herrera . The following guys are from there, and if you ask me, what traditional Bachata should look like at its best, I would say this :

Think you should measure Bachata dancers (and teachers) for their footwork, and not for their hip motion!

There is no talk about different styles of bachata there
... , but here :D


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Super thread, guys. Enjoyed reading all contributions.

Thanks, Joy, for the tip re the DVD - but it's region 1. Have duly added it to my eBay searches though in case a Region 2 copy becomes available :) And as SalsaSydney says, it does appear to be called "Santo Domingo Blues".
I just checked, looks like it's available on Netflix. On their Instant watch too!

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