Which dance to the song "Sway"


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Which version? I think I've heard it as both a rumba and a cha cha. You can get good videos from Dance Vision, or you can search on YouTube. Have you ballroom danced before? If not, you are likely to find it difficult to learn to dance with a partner by watching videos. Why not check out your local dance studio?


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There's a recording by the *****cat Dolls on the "Dance with Me" soundtrack that sounds like a cha-cha to me. But one could also dance an American rumba to that recording. I clock it at 32 MPM.

There's a recording by The Puppini Sisters that's considerably slower and more rumba styled. It's about 26 MPM, which is a good tempo for international rumba and American bolero.


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There's also Anita Kelsey's version off the Dark City OST, which is definitely rumba.

Michael Buble also has a cha version.

Or Dean Martin, which is somewhere in between cha and American rumba.

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