which rumba is better?


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which rumba of 2 weekends ago, by yulia and ricardo

or by joanna and michael is better?

Well, I finally had some time to see these videos and I guess I'll be first to kick off the debate...I'm going to say what I always say about these two partnerships (where I am often drawn to the female dancer since I"m a female dancer myself). It's so hard to compare because I get a very different feeling when I watch the dancing of the two couples. Y+R's Rumba is always softer and sensual, but M+J's Rumba also has those moment but just in a very different way. They're style, the way the dancers carry themselves and the characters they present is so different (although all applicable to the Rumba). If you're asking about technique, I do feel that Joanna has an edge (but everyone knows I ADORE Yulia and by an edge, I really mean 0.0000000001). Can't say that much about the men since I don't have much experience leading. Oh well, not sure how much of a contribution I made here as I didn't even answer the question!!! It just goes back to the same point for me. Depending on what kind of a mood I'm in, I'll choose to watch different couples :)

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