Whining Thread #2


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The "I don't want you to show me how, I just want you to fix it for me" type really makes me want to murder them, freeze-dry them, and run them through a wood-chipper, to turn into mulch for a better purpose, like sustainable gardening for people I don't like, but don't hate as bad as those idiots who won't learn to do simple things for themselves.


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Idiots should never be in charge of these things: Children, animals, electronic gadgets, or nice jewelry they'll never wear.

Seriously- "I need you to see why my phone isn't getting messages."

I know why. The data's turned off. I don't know why they know how to turn it OFF, but they aren't smart enough to know how to turn it back ON. This happens all the time.

"You messed my phone up. What'd you sign me up for?"

That's spam. It's from all those forwards you clicked on when you thought you were going to win a million dollar gas card or whatever.

My phone's dying slowly. Upgrading will cost $200 I don't really have to throw around, and this jerk gets a brand new one gifted to them by some other idiot who was also too stupid to figure it out.

Yes. Bad night.


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A/C just went out in the office building. I know, I know - I'm always whining that it's too cold. I could tolerate the increasing temperature, but if there is no air circulating at all...well, that's a bit unpleasant.


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Girl who hit my car last weekend is trying to weasel out of paying for repairs, as expected. She's claiming she talked to the police and she only has to pay half... what she doesn't know is that I actually did talk to the police, and know exactly where I stand... I could be evil and really go after her, but if she comes through with half, I'll probably take it and walk. Not worth the hassle.


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A) if you were hit from behind, don't pay a cent

B) sigh....not so much a whine as a wonder....Ihave long ago accepted that bad things happen to good people, but I have got to get better about accepting when good things happen to bad people...sadly, sometimes the karma train doesn't arrive on time....I need to accept that
Well, booger.

I am officially between partners again.

It's not entirely surprising. This partnership had always been with the understanding that it would likely be a relatively short-termed one (our long-term goals were not well-aligned, and we had explicitly acknowledged that before we started working together), but I'll admit I was hoping it would go on for more on the order of a year or so.
I daydream about doing so. The biggest stumbling block is my house. It'd need a fair bit of work to get into shape to sell, and it's so easy to come home from a day of work and dancing and not put the needed effort into that.
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