Whining Thread #2

Looking over the heat lists for Starz this year, it looks suspiciously like my scholarship might be uncontested. I could easily be missing an entry somewhere, but bleah. I tell you, it's a good thing I'd already decided to switch over to smooth after this comp. At least locally, that should help. Because as is, I am simply over the whole paying-pro-am-prices-for-one-or-two-couple-scholarship thing. And I'd rather not be forced to conclude that I'm just too young for pro-am to make sense for me.
Ouch. I was thinking about dancing in that too, before we decided not to go.
I imagine you would have been fine in your age group and styles. Don't get me wrong, it should be a fine comp. I just seem to have found myself in a somewhat odd group this year. There's a reason this was a whine rather than something I put in the thread for the comp itself.


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Godsdammit. I had a whole response typed out in another thread...and then with some mysterious combination of god-knows-what it all friggin' disappeared. Not.amused.


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Did you have ugly storms there recently? I think I saw some pictures on the Weather channel of downed trees and crushed stuff not too far from your neck of the woods.
A few trees and power lines down in places. Nothing really serious, although last week when I was driving to work I saw where a large tree from someone's yard had fallen on their neighbor's SUV. Right now some of the low-lying areas around the Tennessee River are getting flooded, but they're used to that. Forecast is iffy for tonight -- we could get ice and snow, or just rain, if the temperature goes a couple of degrees one way or the other.
boss is being a wet limp blanket. I am writing a spec for a house extension. I ask him is the existing loft insulated; client could get it insulated by the Local Authority free given she's a senior citizen.
"Oh I don't know, oh yes she could get it done free, okay but we don't know what she's got."
thinks but doesn't say..Yesterday I asked you to ask her when you phoned her

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