Whining Thread #2


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sigh....ate dinner last night at 4:30......HAVE NOT BEEN HUNGRY SINCE...am thinking that this is going to make denial of illness difficult....am going to accept it as a gift and pray that the scale indicates the same.........going back to bed now before clients arrive...oy


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DH is away. I kept rolling over in the middle if the night to cuddle with him...only to find him not there. :-(.

That said, he's sick and all sniffly and coughing, so it was much more peaceful and actually possible to sleep in the first place.
Shock! I have never, ever seen this before! On iMac weather*, rain EVERY day!!! And a big rain in the middle! Never!!
And I am hearing rain now.

*I forget the name of the thing you get when you press the button on an iMac mouse. Grrr!


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Covering a couple of midnight-dawn shifts for a manager who has had a whole bunch of staff quit on her.
...I can see why they've quit on her. She's a bit of a cow.


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And for me 7 hours just doesn't work well. It feels like the equivalent of about 4 hours to me. Granted, I've gotten used to functioning with that little but it's unpleasant. 5, 6, or 8 hours is best for me.


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Sigh... Because some money failed to get from point A to point B this week, we run out of money tomorrow. Which means I get to spend several days in a rubber room next week at the company offices. Well, at least I'm not being furloughed. Assuming that the money gets where it belongs by the 1st.

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